Fire Sprinklers

A sprinkler system is designed to use water or foam to put out a fire. There are four different sprinkler system types that we can design, install, service and inspect. They are:

  • Wet pipe systems : a typical application, with water in the system’s pipes ready to be activated by the opening of fire sprinkler heads due to heat.
  • Dry pipe systems : a system that has air or nitrogen gas in the pipes, and water is released into the pipes upon activation of the sprinkler heads after a slight delay. These systems are used in areas where water in pipes can freeze.
  • Deluge : once activated by smoke or heat detectors, deluge equipment releases a dousing flood of water or foam in an instant through an open-sprinkler, nozzle, or foam generator, utilizing an unpressurized piping system. These systems are used in areas other than homes and offices where fire can spread quickly.
  • Pre-Action : a combination of wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems that are not activated until a fire is detected.

All County Fire Protection, LLC, offers the unique combination of planning and technical expertise necessary to complete any new or retrofit fire sprinkler design project.